Organizations are going global, with clients and businesses spreading far and wide. If you have to manage a fleet of vehicles or machinery that is being operated 24/7 in local or foreign locations, it is vital to have an efficient fuel management system that you can access easily anywhere, anytime. Fleeteco can be used easily by fleet owners, regardless of the size of the fleet, through a computer, tablet or smartphone. All you need is an internet connection, and you will have all the access to fuel management at any time of the day and any day of the week. This smart fuel system provides the user with an easy way for constant monitoring and it enables the comparison of the consumption and the fuel consumption index of each company-owned vehicle and equipment.

The rationale behind utilizing the fuel management system is that it:
  • Reduces fraud
  • Increases fuel savings
  • Consolidates eco driving

This smart program uses the 'level three' data of refueling transactions. Transactions are entered into the system a) with the automatic registration of the electronic transaction data provided by the fuel companies, b) electronic GPS data files or electronic data files from any other source c) Manually Once you have logged into the system, it calculates the fuel consumption index (Fuel efficiency) accurately. You simply need to enter your login credentials and you will have complete details about fuel consumption and the related index right there in front of you that can help you manage your vehicle/machinery fleet better.

Accurate data giving clarity and enabling better decision-making:

With Fleeteco, indexes can be calculated per refueling/per month/per quarter or per time period, which can be compared with the theoretical index(F/E) of the vehicle manufacturer or the actual indexes (F/E)of other selected time periods. The results are presented in easy–to-understand tables and graphs, which can be shared with all the parties involved within the company that includes drivers as well; so, everyone can check whether the consumption of their vehicle is within the agreed limits. The system also reflects fuel savings in liters and in cash, as well as reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) that appear in the scorecard opportunity gains / losses. Fleeteco fuel management comprises various reports and scorecards as well as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

All the indexes and data are presented and implemented directly and easily with the help of this smart fuel management system. Fleeteco enables everyone (fleet owner, government service, private and semi-public organization) with no capital investment to have access to the fuel-related data that is needed for the implementation of the friendly, efficient, low-cost, and sustainable RECO-DRIVE program.

What's RECO-DRIVE? RECO-DRIVE is the recommended program by the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) for energy saving in the transport sector. It is Eco Driving in a sustainable form over time.


Fleeteco has a unique built-in fleet management system wherein everything related to fleet administration can be recorded to generate significant reports and warnings too. The precise indicators generated by Fleeteco result in better fuel management and effective policies, leading to better utilization of resources, which helps in keeping cost and wastage down, increasing profitability as well.