The new innovative Fleeteco smart fuel management system for vehicle fleets and equipment, ensures an end to fuel fraud and achieves savings of fuel and man hours. It gives the right information associated with fuel, resulting in the correct management decisions for the fleet of vehicles and equipment. It also promotes eco-driving, a smart way of driving reducing fuel consumption, emissions and road accidents. All done with minimal cost. How? Just read below.


Most fleet managers find it difficult to analyse their vehicles refuelling data, although the suppliers send clear and detailed records. Thus losing the opportunity for significant improvements and savings. Various reasons for this are lack of time, the large volume of data, etc. Also, sometimes fleet managers purchase systems that do not provide the desired result for a highly professional information.



Highly professional, operational and administrative information is extracted from the refuelling data and includes the following:


1. The consistency of refuelling with the existing fuel policy of the company, e.g. refuelling hours, refuelling without fraud, permissible quantity, frequency of refuelling, statistics, etc.

2. The calculation of the actual fuel consumption index of the vehicle for any period.

3. The calculation of the fuel consumption index for groups of vehicles for any period.

4. The cost per unit of fuel, per vehicle, per department, per company.

5. The quantity and cost of fuel per working day, per vehicle, per department, per company.

6. The possibility of measuring and assessing the economic and ecological driving of any driver for any period of time.

7. The vehicles use rate.

8. Opportunity gain or loss of fuel per vehicle, per department, per company.

9. Set performance targets for drivers and department managers for all the above.

10. Promotion and measurement of Eco-Driving.

11. Implementation of the RECO-Drive system.

12. Establishment of comprehensive professional corporate fuel culture.

13. Creation of proper Fleet Management at no additional cost.


All the above are presented and implemented directly and easily with the help of this smart fuel management system. Fleeteco enables everyone (fleet owner, government service, private and semi-public organization) with no capital investment, to have the recording needed for implementation of a friendly, efficient, low cost, sustainable Recodrive program. RECO-DRIVE is the recommended program by the Intelligent Energy Europe European Commission IEE, for energy saving in the transport sector. It is the Eco Driving in a sustainable form over time.


Fleeteco can be used by fleet owners, regardless of the size of the fleet, through a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access, at any time of day and any day of the week. This smart fuel system provides an easy way for continuous monitoring and comparing consumption and fuel consumption index of each company vehicle and equipment. This reduces fraud, increases savings, and consolidates Ecodriving. The smart program uses the 'level three' data of refuelling transactions. Transactions are entered in the system with the automatic registration of electronic transaction data provided by the fuel companies, electronic GPS data files or electronic data files from any other source. Also Fleeteco enables the user to record electronic transactions that are not in electronic files. Once logged into the system, the system calculates the fuel consumption index.

Indexes can be calculated per refuelling, per month, per quarter or per time period and compared to the theoretical index of the vehicle manufacturer or to the actual indexes of other selected time periods. The results are presented in tables and graphs which can be given to all parties involved within the company including drivers. Thus, everyone can check whether the consumption of his vehicle is within the agreed limits. Fuel savings in litres and in cash, as well as reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (CO2), appear in the scorecard opportunity gains / losses. The program offers various reports and Scorecards as well as Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).