Fleeteco can be used by companies and individuals owning from one vehicle up to fleets of hundreds of vehicles and equipment.
Absolutely. It can even create reports for each different country where a company operates.
Even though Fleeteco is a program specialising on fleet fuel consumption monitoring, it also integrates a well-designed Fleet Management that creates various reports.
Fleeteco is a vehicle fleet and equipment fuel consumption management program.
Yes. Fleeteco was created by a group of professionals with great experience on the field of fuel management. It is for this reason that it has features that cannot be found in other programs such as the opportunity gained/lost, the total control of fuel consumption without capital investment, the vehicle utilisation tables, the creation of company fuel culture, the Key Performance Indicators, etc.
With Fleeteco fuel management can be done anywhere you are, any time of the day, from a computer, tablet or smart phone. The basic controls are based on the work produced from the burning of fuel in a vehicle (Kilometers travelled, hours in operation, etc) and on the comparison with the consumption of the same vehicle at other periods of time or other vehicles of the same company, or other companies.
Can Fleeteco prevent fraud in vehicle fuel consumption? Those involved in vehicle fuel management are familiar with the practices that some follow in order to steal company fuels. Studies in USA show fraud reaching 22% of a company’s fuel consumption. With the specialised measurements and comparisons done with Fleeteco, the drivers and all those involved in fuel consumption learn to monitor the fuel consumption of their vehicle, as well as the other vehicles consumption and work produced. So they know very well the limits in within each vehicle fuel consumption can move.
You don’t need any capital investment. A company or an individual can use Fleeteco through a computer without the need for servers or any other data storage. There is a small monthly charge that is returned back to the user through various savings.
With Fleeteco fuel consumption monitoring is fast and productive. Only a small proportion of an employee’s total time is needed for the usage of the program. Therefore existing personnel is occupied with the company’s core business thus saving time and money.
Fuel saving is achieved in two ways: by eliminating fraud and by more efficient driving. A company, having all the information related to vehicle fleet fuel consumption, can implement strategy and policy ensuring that ecodriving is applied by all drivers. The continuous feedback to drivers about their vehicle fuel consumption index, as well as the other vehicles indexes, creates a competitive environment amongst drivers for continuous improvement.
It is well known that anything that cannot be measured and compared, cannot be controlled. This is the base on which Fleeteco was built. Together with the numerous measurements, a lot of comparisons are presented that lead to real consumption control. These measurements give correct management information beyond fuel consumption, assisting thus in vehicle fleet management and decision.
Absolutely, because Fleeteco is the only program that can systematically and easily measure the Ecodriving results of each driver.
Yes. Some indicative targets could be: 1. Fuel efficiency per vehicle, per department, per company. 2. Fuel cost per kilometre or per hour, per vehicle, per department, per company. 3. Quantity and cost per fuel per working day. 4. Vehicle utilisation.
With Fleeteco all parts involved in fuel consumption realise that fuel consumption control is done in a professional way. Also the correct, economic and professional vehicle usage is recognised, resulting in correct company fuel culture.
The transactions are entered in the system with the electronic entry of transaction files given by Oil Companies, GPS or any other source. The user can also enter transactions manually.
Yes. They can be made from any fuel storage area (corporate or not), and have all the advantages of Fleeteco.
For Odometer it accepts kilometres, miles and hours. For units measuring quantity it accepts litres, British gallons and US gallons. It also accepts all currencies.
Certainly. The company’s depot can be considered as a fuel station after being properly registered in the system.
Yes. Fleeteco is ideal for equipment’s fuel consumption monitoring.