When managing a fleet of vehicles and machinery, fuel management is of paramount importance. You will require an efficient and accurate system that helps you monitor the fuel consumption of every vehicle, ensuring there's no fuel fraud, but fuel saving.

With Fleeteco Fuel Management System, you get instant, 24/7 access to all the data, which helps you monitor carefully and take well-informed Management Decisions for improving productivity and the efficiency of your fleet that would keep the costs under control while increasing the profitability.

Our Fuel Management reports serve as a basis that helps you understand fuel consumption and the related factors easily and accurately.

Remember, a successful refueling program requires a suitable checking/auditing system. At least, one monthly fuel consumption audit is necessary. Numerous companies don't follow a suitable fuel management program either because they lack of time or give priority to other company issues.

But there's good news …. because Fleeteco Fuel Management system is here. It is specially designed by experienced professionals who provide everything you need to effectively manage your vehicle fuel consumption.

Take a look at the list of comprehensive fuel management reports our system is capable of generating:



Pre-Audit Reports:
  • Refuelling transactions outside working hours
  • Refuelling transactions with quantities bigger than the vehicle tank capacity
  • Refuelling transactions without odometer recording


Statistical Reports:
  • - Vehicle refuelling transactions statistical report


Primary Reports:
  • Vehicle fuel consumption index (fuel efficiencies) report
  • Graphical representation of previous report
  • Fleet Management report


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Vehicle fuel cost index report
  • Monthly vehicle fuel cost index report
  • Odometer recording report
  • Vehicle utilisation report


  • Monthly fuel consumption index reports
  • Comparison of fuel consumption index reports
  • Vehicle Opportunity Loss/Gain report
  • Monthly Opportunity Loss/Gain report


As you can see, Fleeteco covers almost every aspect of fuel management with its reports. Move to Smart Fleeteco Fuel Management system for better management of the precious resource named fuel, and enable your organisation to move towards greater efficiency and transparency, reduced cost and higher profitability while caring for the environment as well.