Fuel is one of the biggest expenses of every Vehicle Fleet as dozens or hundreds of refueling happens regularly. What if you have a system in place that helps you keep a track of your fuel expenses? Fleeteco.org Fuel Audit and Management does just that for you…

It is an efficient system to monitor and control your fuel expenses, which reduce your fuel costs and increase your profitability.


How Fleeteco Fuel Management Helps in Saving Fuel

Let us analyse how you can save on fuel - first, by eliminating fuel fraud and second, by adopting economical and efficient driving.

Provided that a company has complete and proper information pertaining to vehicle fleet fuel consumption, it will be easier to effectively implement a strategy or a policy, ensuring that eco-driving is followed by all drivers.

The regular feedback to drivers regarding their vehicle fuel consumption index (Fuel Efficiency) along with other vehicle indexes helps create a competitive environment amongst drivers that motivates them for continuous improvement.

The innovative and effective Fleeteco smart fuel Audit and Management system for vehicle fleets and equipment prevents fuel fraud and helps save fuel and man-hours as well. It is designed in such a way that it gives accurate information related to fuel, which helps in making better management decisions regarding vehicle fleet and equipment. Furthermore, Fleeteco smart fuel management system promotes eco-driving - a smart way of driving that leads to reduced fuel consumption, emissions, and road accidents. And it can all be managed at minimal costs.

It is a fact that most fleet managers find it difficult to analyse their vehicles' refueling data, even though the fuel suppliers send clear and detailed records. This difficulty leads to fewer opportunities for significant improvements and savings. Meaning the data cannot be utilised to take corrective measures, thus saving costs.

The reasons may vary, such as lack of time, large volume of data etc. Further, at times, fleet managers buy systems that do not provide the desired result vis-a-vis accurate and useful information.



With Fleeteco Fuel management, every aspect pertaining to fuel issues is considered. This enables a manager to ensure no frauds take place and the vehicle is driven and used professionally.

Additionally, drivers are shown the results of correct and economical handling of their vehicles.

As a result, an ideal fuel company culture can be developed through which a company is to benefit.

With Fleeteco, correct monitoring and accurate data are available to managers, which enables them to make sound judgements that help save fuel, reduce cost and also motivate drivers to perform better.