“24/7 *365 DAYS USE”


Your fleet of vehicles or machinery is operational 24/7; so should be your fuel management systems. It is very crucial to have a seamless, easy-to-use fuel management system that a manager or a supervisor can access anywhere, anytime.


Fleeteco's 24/7 Fuel Management System

Innovative methods have made our lives easier, especially to managers who are in charge of a fleet of vehicles or machinery. Connectivity and using efficient fuel management systems empowers them to monitor, calculate, control as well as manage fuel consumption, thereby ensuring there's no fraud or wastage, leading to reduction in cost and higher profits.


Let us understand how Fleeteco helps us in this:

With Fleeteco, the supervision of fuel management is done effectively with the use of a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The basic checks and controls are based on the refueling data collected being mainly, the fuel quantity, odometer/hour-meter reading, cost of fuel uplifted etc.

The fuel Audit is also based on the comparison of the fuel efficiency and consumption of the same vehicle over a period of time .Also comparison with other vehicles of your company is done. So, if a vehicle is charged with a fuel that was not consumed by itself, for any reason, this will be reflected in the fuel consumption indexes (fuel efficiencies) and the related data.


  • Refueling transactions outside working hours
  • Refueling transactions with quantities bigger than the vehicle tank capacity
  • Refueling transactions without odometer recording
  • Vehicle refueling transactions statistical report
  • Vehicle fuel consumption index (fuel efficiencies) reports
  • Graphical representation of previous report
  • Fleet management reports
  • Vehicle fuel cost index report
  • Monthly vehicle fuel cost index report
  • Odometer recording report
  • Vehicle utilization report
  • Scorecards
  • Monthly fuel consumption index reports
  • Comparison of fuel consumption index reports
  • Vehicle opportunity loss/gain report
  • Monthly opportunity loss/gain report

Fleeteco fuel management measures, saves, and records every important information related to fuel consumption that is accessible easily on electronic devices. Easy accessibility to data plays a key role in enabling organizations to efficiently manage the fuel consumption of their vehicle fleet and machinery.